When my wife and I were packing in Fort Worth, Texas to move to Cochrane back in 1996, my in-laws from Oklahoma helped us pack. Our intent was to box everything, carefully labelling each box so we could find things easily when we unpacked (it still took us 10 days to find the silverware when we got up here!). Towards the end of packing the ideal of having boxes dedicated to one type of item was tossed out the window. Lampshades, shoes, and Legos had little in common except that they all needed to travel to Canada. Labelling the boxes the boxes became difficult.

As we unloaded into our new home we wanted to place each box in the vicinity of where it would be unpacked (kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc.). One box I grabbed was so helpfully labelled, “Stuff and Things”! I now have a shelf in the garage that holds “stuff and things.” We have a kitchen drawer with a hodgepodge of items with only these in common: (1) they are all useful, and (2) we don’t want to get rid of them yet.

For some time now the teaching faculty of CSBS&C has felt the need to spread some of our thoughts and reflections beyond our offices and classroom walls. Many of these truths and insights we have shared in our classes, but some of them have simply collected in a “stuff and things” box for a while. This blog gives us a chance to share them with you. Being a product of the teaching faculty of our school you’ll see a variety of writers here. The subjects will vary also — sermon vignettes, insights into scripture, reflections on ministry, challenges towards engaging our world, etc. – stuff and things!

Kevin Peacock
Blog editor